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Brake Chamber: Truck Brake Maintenance and Safety Tips

by Karla

Car and truck owners are often more concerned with the cost of fixing and replacing vehicle parts, than they are with its maintenance. Knowing the current brake chamber price and brake pad cost is important, but proper maintenance would save you a lot of stress.

Statistically, it’s been said that about 29% of large truck crashes are as a result of brake problems. This is not even taking into account the statistics for car accidents. Truck crashes can be catastrophic and should be avoided by practicing quality brake maintenance.Here are some tips to maintain the brakes:

Air pressure levels

One of the things to keep an eye on is the air pressure levels. Truck brakes function properly when there is adequate air pressure. Before starting the truck and getting on the road, perform quality checks on the air pressure levels.

Break lines and hoses

An important part of a brake system is the linings and hoses. They help the brakes function properly and are constantly being used. In addition to the air pressure levels, linings and hoses should be checked regularly.

Greasing the brake system

Lubrication plays a vital role in the total lifespan of truck brakes. For instance, the slack adjusters and S Cams need sufficient amounts of grease to make them effective in a truck’s air brake system. Low lubricant levels would cause the brake to stall or seize when applied. This can ultimately affect the lifespan of the S Cams.

Replace brake shoes and parts

With all of the braking actions that a truck’s brake system have to undergo during drives, it’s common for it to experience cracks and wear from all of that heat. Over time, these parts would need replacement. Proper checks would determine when best they need replacement. Always replace them when necessary and on time.

Inspect the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS is one of the greatest safety technologies in the brake world. They ensure maximum safety when driving, irrespective of the weather condition. Like with other systems, they need to be checked but not as regularly as you should do the others. When performing annual safety inspections, ensure you also have the ABS examined.

Air dryers

The air dryer helps remove moisture from the brake system. The air dryer is designed to remove moisture but shouldn’t have moisture in them. When performing maintenance on them, look to see if there’s any moisture present. If you find any, then it’s time for replacement. To ensure safety, check the air dryers at least once every month, depending on how frequently the truck was driven.

Visual Inspection of Wheel and Brake Chambers

Brakes work best when the wheels are in good shape for better alignment. The only way to prevent any unexpected damage is to regularly conduct visual inspection on the wheel and brake chambers. They should be cleaned and free of corrosion, wear, and cracks. Replacements should be done immediately to avoid accidents. There are reputable truck parts company’s offering good wheel and brake chamber prices for easy replacement.


Truck brakes are essential for the safety of the driver, other road users, and the goods being transported. The lifespan of truck brakes largely depend on how well they’re maintained. Based on the tips given above, it’s important to develop a maintenance schedule and strictly adhere to it. This would help avoid any brake-related issues while on the road.

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