Home Industry Installing a Vertical Platform Lift for Disabled: 4 Factors to Consider

Installing a Vertical Platform Lift for Disabled: 4 Factors to Consider

by Karla

Having a vertical platform lift for disabled installed either in your home or a commercial building is the best accessibility solution for people that are living with a disability and are using a wheelchair or people that have mobility limitations. The platform lift helps them access different building floors and outdoor platforms. It is handy since it is safe, durable, reliable, and easy to use and install. The most incredible thing about porch lifts is that they can be installed in the interior or exterior of the building and it doesn’t need a shaft or pit. When installing, it is vital to consider some elements to operate smoothly.

Considerations for the Installation of a vertical platform for the disabled

When installing a porch lift, it is vital to consider a few considerations that will influence the functionality of the lift.

1. The space availability

It’s imperative to keep in mind the space available to place the platform lift. Where it will be positioned will help you choose the right lift for your home or building. If you want it for your home, the space may be limited compared to installing it in a commercial building. The good thing about the platform lift is that they can be installed inside or outside. The things that first influence the size of the lift are energy consumption, cost, and capacity. Choosing the right size platform lift is vital since it will significantly impact the space needed.

2. Number of floors

There are different types of vertical platform lifts, and they have additional capacity though they are mainly used for the same purpose: travel between floors. Some lifts can travel far up than others. When installing a platform lift, consider the number of floors you want the lift to cover so that you choose the right one.

3. How often will it be used, and who will use the platform lift?

It’s crucial to remember how many passengers will use the porch lift and how often they will be using it. They are primarily suited for domestic Installation since there are fewer passengers and less frequency of usage. If, for instance, you install it on a commercial building, there will be many passengers, and it can be used more frequently, then you should consider other options. It’s also important to remember the size of the vertical lift is essential since it will be used by people using a wheelchair.

4. The drive mechanism

When installing a home lift, you must choose whether you want a hydraulic or screw drive. Hydraulic drives are more complex and expensive. The benefit of the hydraulic drive is that you can use a battery backup in case of power shortages, and the screw drive is more affordable than the hydraulic drive, but the downside of the screw drive is that you can’t use a battery backup.


When installing a vertical platform lift for the disabled, it is vital to keep the above factors in mind to get the most out of the machine. Whether for domestic or commercial use, it is easy and quick to install, and you don’t need a shaft.

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