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When Do You Need an Inverter Generator?

by Karla

An inverter generator is an advanced power-producing technology. Initially, traditional generators were the only power source in electrical outages, but now inverter generators have replaced them.

Inverter generators have tremendous benefits, like efficiency, low noise, and stable power. However, their price tags make users uncomfortable. So, which buyers need an inverter generator the most? Are they best for heavy-duty tasks like powering up machinery? The article below resolves all these queries.

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Outdoor Applications

Many individuals like to travel and see different places. However, a happy trip gets irritating if you don’t have electricity to fulfill your daily needs (like making coffee, washing dishes, etc.).

RVs have a mechanism to supply power. However, they need a power-generating source. Inverter generators come into the scene here. But why inverter generators and not regular generators? Firstly, they are silent, so you don’t disturb anyone (animals or humans) in the vicinity. Next, they provide stable power, so none of your appliances burn out or become a target of a power surge.

Need To Power Up Sensitive Appliances

Modern-day devices incorporate semiconductor chips which require high-quality power to operate. Traditional generators run at a constant speed and produce a fixed amount of energy. If the load uses the entire output, it’s good. Else, it’s a waste! Inverter generators take the lead here.

They sync their output power according to the attached load and produce only the desired amount of energy, so the load doesn’t burn out. Inverter Generators are a good pick because departmental stores have more sensitive devices like bar code readers, security systems and alarms, etc.

Want To Avoid the Excessive Noise

Next comes the noise levels. The safe noise is around 70 to 75 decibels. However, traditional generators produce much higher noises which are uncomfortable for both the owner and the surrounding people.

So, investing in an inverter generator is best if you live in a residential area with a noise prohibition or in an apartment with tenants on other floors.

Need Optimal Fuel Consumption

Recently, fuel prices have hiked all over the globe. Hence you need a power-producing source that doesn’t gulp down fuel. Inverter generators are 40% more efficient than traditional generators.

Frequent Higher Power Needs

If your needs scale up frequently, you’ll need a bigger inverter generator; however, it will take more toll on your pocket if you have a limited budget.

Fortunately, inverter generators are easily scalable. You can combine two inverter generators to produce more power. Contrastingly, combining two traditional generators is a hassle as they require special expensive connecting cables.

Can You Use Inverter Generators for Industrial Applications?

Reading about the tremendous benefits of inverter generators makes users wonder if they can run heavy-duty machines on inverter generators. Unfortunately, inverter generators are only fit for loads up to 7000 watts.

Industries and heavy machinery require way more power than inverter generators can provide. Commonly diesel generators which produce higher outputs are fit for industrial applications.

Final Words

There are countless reasons to prefer inverter generators over traditional ones. If you don’t have any budget limitations, you can easily buy a bigger unit that can handle all your needs.

However, before you do, consider which specific use cases require an inverter generator. For instance, if you live in a less populated area, don’t travel much, there are rare power outages and no noise prohibitions, you can work with a traditional generator. In comparison, if you travel a lot, have sensitive appliances, and live in a luxury area, there is no better asset than an inverter generator.

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