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Different Colors and Shades of Ginger Orange Wigs

by Karla

Ginger orange wigs have recently gained popularity among colored and dyed wigs. Children to women all wear different shades of orange to represent their bubbly and fierce personalities. They are also widely used in seasons like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, and Easter because of their playful and joyous color.

Just like there are many styles and lengths available in ginger lace front wig, you can also find many different shades and tones of orange and ginger color. Many of these wigs also mix red and light-yellow tones in orange color to produce various elegant colors. If you’re planning on getting one for yourself but are confused about what color to get, we’ll help you out in this matter. Following are some of the major orange-toned wigs listed. Read on and decide for yourself!

Different Shades of Orange-Ginger Wigs That Look Amazing

Bright Orange

These bright orange wigs are very mainstream among people with a natural ginger hair color. This type of color looks very attractive on a shoulder-length kinky curly wig. The upside of this color is that it makes any skin tone look brighter and more radiant. The downside is that to maintain this light orange color, you will need to care for it and maintain it more than any other colored wig to keep it vibrant.

Yellow-Orange with Red Highlights

This yellow-orange with red highlighted color will complement a good curly wig with defined small curls all over the head. In this kind of wig color, the base color remains a sunshine orange that is a mixture of orange and a hint of yellow. To flare it up and add a little bit of mystery, red tones have been added to some of the highlighted hair. If you’re getting this color done to your wig, consult a professional because achieving this color is not very easy.

Dark Rooted Orange

Going orange does not mean that you have to get all your hair orange. You can also keep the roots a different, darker color than the upper highlighted hair. If you have a bright personality and you’re a person that loves a little glam every once in a while, you can play with orange a little more than usual.

On the other hand, if your personality is a little lowkey, but you still like the touch of orange to the hair, you can add some orange highlights and maybe mix in some auburn and russet tones. This dark-rooted orange wig will suit well on a bob-cut wig.

Red Fire Orange

This is undoubtedly one of the most common and fun-colored wigs out there out of all other orange wigs. This color suits well on a shoulder-length wavy wig or on a jet straight style wig. The feature that attracts women the most is that the crown or the upper part of the head has a fiery red while it comes down, and the color merges with bright gloss orange. This wig also requires a considerable amount of maintenance; to keep up the gloss, you have to get a treatment that should be scheduled after 10-12 washes.

The Bottom line

The list of the variation of ginger orange-colored wigs doesn’t end here; there are many others too, like burnt orange, neon orange, cooper orange, ginger orange, etc. while you are choosing an orange ginger wig for yourself, make sure to fully analyze and asses your skin’s undertones. This will greatly affect your overall look with the wig.

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